Frequently Asked Questions

1.- How long in advance before sailing should I arrive at the sales office?

Passengers must be at the corresponding station with their ticket in hand 2 hours before the scheduled sailing and for vehicles and wheeled transportation means the period is 3 hours before sailing.

2.- If I made the decision of not travelling on the day and hour for which I bought the ticket, can someone else take my place?

No, the ticket is NOT endorsable or transferable by any means. The ticket is valid only for the ship, trip and the client and/or wheeled vehicle stipulated in it.

3.- How long does the ticket or vehicle reservation last?

Ticket and wheeled vehicle space reservation have a validity of 24 hours from the moment they are requested. It is important to point out that on the day of the trip all reservations expire. Therefore, assure your transportation by buying your ticket in advance.

4.- How long in advance should I buy the tickets?

Passengers can purchase tickets in our agencies up to 2 hours before sailing. In the case of vehicles and wheeled transportation means, 4 hours before.

5.- If I fail to buy my ticket, can I do it aboard?

No, on the ships is it not possible to purchase tickets, with the exception of places that do not have a sales office.

6.- How many times can I change the date of a trip?

A change in date is only possible once, otherwise the ticket is not valid. The change in date can only be done up to 24 hours before sailing.

7.- If I desist from travelling, will the company refund the entirety of the money invested in the ticket?

No. All refunds, up to 72 hours before sailing, will have 10% withheld. Between 72 and 3 hours before sailing they will have a 50% withheld, and between 3 hours and the time of sailing, no refunds will be made.

It is important to point out that in the case of people who contracted a service through a tourist agency or an entity that is external to Naviera Austral, the refund by desisting must be made at the same agency where it was purchased.

8.- If a ship is delayed and I miss the connection to my bus or plane, is the company responsible for booking a hotel or contracting food services?

Sailing and port arrival schedules may be subject to variations, suspensions or cancellations due to accidental or force majeure, and in such cases the company is not legally obliged to indemnify damages that this situation could cause to passengers.

9.- What is the permitted limit for hand luggage?

Every passenger without a vehicle is authorized to carry a maximum amount of 2 packages as hand luggage which can be suitcases, backpacks and/or handbags.

10.- If I need to transport a pet and it is sweet and quiet, can it travel with me in the passenger room or in a cabin (in the case of the Baldo)?

No. Pets will not be transported in passenger spaces. It is the responsibility of the passenger to show up with the animal in kennels or cages that are in good condition, with safe doors, locks in good state and spaces according to their size. In addition, the pet must not be fed 4 hours before sailing and sedated. In trips of less than 8 hours it will be allowed to transport pets in a truck pick-ups, where they must travel tied to a leash and with muzzle. The company will provide a safe place for the location of the kennel or cage.