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The Chiloé Route of Naviera Austral encompasses the city of Quellón. The outing for the city of Castro starts in the main square, a few steps away from the San Francisco Church, World Heritage Site. Towards the harbor is Lillo Fair where stands of local and foreign craftwork share space with the traditional eateries whose main strength are dishes based on products of the sea. In the Train Small Square there is a small locomotive that used to connect Castro and Ancud. At around 300 meters from there are the stilt houses, traditional constructions of this area. If you are interested in this kind of construction please visit the Enrique small square, natural lookout towards the stilt houses of the Gamboa neighborhood.

The most famous local market is Yumbel Fair, where farming products such as vegetables, flowers, cheese, honey, among others, in addition to craftwork are sold. The Millantuy Lookout offers a panoramic view of the center of the city and the Castro Bay. If you continue, please search for the intersection of Riffart and Freire Streets. In their surroundings you will find some houses with traditional architecture of Chiloé. If you continue towards the south you will reach the Enjoy Casino.

Quellón is located in the start and finish point of the Pan-American Highway that unites the continent across 12 countries and a total of 30 thousand kilometers. Formerly known as “the edges of the world’s Christendom” because in 1743, Jesuits converted it into reduction, a testimony that is reflected in countless churches.

The commune is the boarding point for ferries traveling to Chaitén and Aysen. Among its attractions is the coastal road where you can find artisanal fishing boats, you will see Corcovado and Melimoyu volcanoes and will be able to take an outing in boats in order to spot birds and dolphins and the Cailín and Laitec islands. The Botanical Park is the most important point for tourists. Downtown you will find the “Inchin Cuivi Ant” Museum, craftwork stands and the Municipal Museum “Amador Cárdenas”, located near the Main Square.

If you wish to visit the “Hito Cero” please go to the Punta de Lapa sector, extensive beach of fine-grain sand suitable for swimming. The hito marks the beginning and end of the Pan-American Highway that links Anchorage/Alaska and Quellón. It is indicated with a monument of a weeding hoe, traditional anchor of Chiloé.

Towards the interior, Woods and lakes dominate Colonia Yungay, where the route leads us to Tantauco Park, whose northern sector is characterized by its several lakes, ponds and cypress groves. Visitors who would like to go for the day to the Park are recommended to visit the Yaldad Lake with its ever green trail and the environmental interpretation center.

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