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Litoral Norte de Aysén: Quellón – Melinka – Raúl Marín Balmaceda – Santo Domingo – Melimoyu – Puerto Gala (Isla Toto) – Puerto Cisnes – Puerto Gaviota (Caleta Amparo) – Puerto Aguirre – Puerto Chacabuco.

Aysen Region is known as the “Life Reserve” due to its wild nature and for being an important source of fresh water for the country. One of the main activities is recreational fly fishing in Elizalde, La Paloma and Riesco lakes, in addition to floating down the Simpson and Blanco rivers in rafts or kayaks, or to simply enjoy landscapes on foot or bicycle through the native woods. If you enjoy snow you can ski during winter.

Its vast territory surprises with a fragmented coastal landscape consisting of islands, archipelagos, fiords and channels. Sea lions, leopard seals, austral whales and different types of sea animals inhabit the coasts and southern waters. In the area of the Gulf of Corcovado, in the surroundings of Melinka, Guaitecas commune, it is possible to see blue whales, the biggest animal in the world and which is currently endangered.

In Puerto Cisnes commune we recommend you to visit the villages of Lago Verde, Raúl Marín Balmaceda and La Junta, where you can go for horseback riding, practice rafting in canoes or rafts and rural tourism. If you are interested in recreational fishing you can do it in Rosselot Lake. Continuing towards the south is Puerto Puyuhuapi, a locality known for its German architectural influence, its famous carpet factory, its craft beer factory, the Puyuhuapi Thermal Baths and the Ventisquero Thermal Baths, since the area is only 20 km away from from Queulat National Park, where the Hanging Snowdrift of the same name is located.
From Carretera Austral it is possible to access Lago Las Torres, Mañihuales, Trapananda, and Río Simpson National Reserves. When reaching Puerto Aysen, you will encounter a commune where native wood prevails in the constructions of the city. A trip to Puerto Aguirre, a fishing cove at about 4 hours on boat, picturesque, quiet and safe, will have you enjoy the landscapes of fiords, islands and channels of the coastal area of the Region.

From Puerto Aysen, towards Puerto Chacabuco, is Aikén del Sur Park, a private establishment with a visitors center and barbecue area, next to Riesco Lake. A little further is the main harbors of the region, Puerto Chacabuco, where ferries and cruises stop on their way to to Laguna San Rafael National Park with its famous snowdrift, located at 75 kms to the south of Coyhaique, in order to touch the thousand-year-old ice of the San Rafael Glacier or land at the feet of the San Rafael Snowdrift in order to walk a 5 km trail through the ever green woods that can be observed due to the retreat of the ice.

Further towards the south is Coyhaique, a large city that has the biggest commercial and distribution centers of the region, in addition to its Patagonian gastronomy, where clear stand-outs are dishes such as roasted lamb. Among its many tourist attractions is the Coyhaique National Reserve, next to the Simpson River, Regional Museum of Patagonia, the Shepherd’s Monument, the Pentagonal Square, the artisan fair and the pedestrian crossing of Horn Street.

According to your interests you can practice several types of tourism in the Region: fly fishing, trekking, nautical tourism, scientific tourism, among others. We suggest visiting the website

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