Thanks to crystalline waters and the abundance of salmon, trout and native species, Aysen Region is one of the favorite destinations for those who enjoy fly fishing.

There are different places to practice the activity and some of them are not far from the main cities of the region, such as the areas surrounding Coyhaique. But if you have time you can visit lakes Elizalde, Paloma, Riesco and Atravesado, in addition to rivers Simpson, Mañihuales, Pedregoso, Arco, Paloma, Coyhaique, Blanco, among others.

In the far north of Aysen, the waters of Verde Lake and the whole basin bordering Palena River, passing through Rosselot Lake and Figueroa River, are not to be missed. A little bit more to the south, following Carretera Austral, a good alternative is Cisnes River, which offers its complete extension for practicing fishing.

In the last section of Carretera Austral, the General Carrera Lake offers the practice of this sport, either from its shore or boat fishing version, leaving from places such as Puerto Tranquilo, Murta, Puerto Guadal and Mallín Grande, among others. And further to the south, in the surroundings of Cochrane city, the river and lake of the same name is located, both excellent places to practice fishing. There is also the Baker River, famous for being the widest in Chile.

Finally, the localities of Caleta Tortel and Villa O’Higgins offer must-see fishing excursions for their visitors. In all these sectors it is possible to find fishing guides or experts in this activity, willing to take part in this unforgettable excursion.


It is important to point out that in order to practice recreational fishing in Chile; a license issued by Sernapesca is required. This is a simple formality; it can be directly bought at the National Fishing Service’s offices (Ramírez 1423, Puerto Aysen) or online at This is because protecting the environment and the preservation of natural resources is the main goal to accomplish. These regulations limit the amount of fish that can be extracted per day as well as the minimum size of these. You ought to remember that in Aysen Region, catch and release fishing is promoted.