Descending through raging rivers, fishing species of amazing sizes, walking across the lush and unique vegetation, trekking over the slopes of an active volcano are some of the adventures that can be experienced in the Palena province, Los Lagos region, which comprises Hualaihué, Chaitén, Futaleufú and Palena communes.

One of the ways of entering Chaitén is by barge, on the ferry Don Baldo of Naviera Austral. Pumalín Park is located in this commune, with more than 300 thousand hectares and which has trails such as Los Alerces, Tronador, Michimahuida and El Amarillo. In addition, it possesses camping areas such as Caleta Gonzalo, Lago Blanco, Cascadas Escondidas (here you can visit the Hidden Falls), the volcano, Cahuelmó and El Amarillo.

El Amarillo Thermal Baths are located 25 kilometers south of Chaitén, they have camping and barbecue areas and are ideal to unwind, since there is no telephone signal. Another activity could be walking on the trail “Volcán Chaitén”, which became known after the volcano’s eruption in 2008, and whose main attraction is reaching the top in order to admire the domes that were formed and the fumarole that accompanies the zone. This trail has an intermediate level of difficulty with a height that does not surpass 1,000 meters and where you can find resting spots in several sections.

In Futaleufú commune you will find the river of the same name which is one of the best to practice activities in white waters such as Rafting and Kayak on a world class level, in fact here the international contest Futa Fest takes place. Another adventure sport that can be practiced is the circuit called “the Valley route”, which is mainly executed on a mountain bike. It has an extension of approximately 31 kilometers and allows going through places such as Las Escalas, La Confluencia, Espolón, Noroeste and Futaleufú. Here I was also able to travel all over the Futaleufú National Reserve doing trekking and enjoying the beautiful landscape that this place offers to visitors.

More towards the mountain chain is Palena, a commune that has a river with the same name and that is characterized by being navigable through its extension without many rapids, which makes it perfect for families and for fishing both from the shore and boats. You can finish your trip by visiting the Lago Palena National Reserve which dazzles with its high snow-covered peaks surrounding the basin of this lake.

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