Queulat Jacaf
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Jacaf Barge

The Jacaf barge has 246 armchairs. It has a load capacity of 480 tons allocated in 220 linear meters equivalent to 55 vehicles. The passenger room has comfortable seats, wide halls, heating, air conditioning and several television monitors that allow showing movies during the entire trip. Behind it is a cafeteria equipped with a wide range of products. The passenger room has restrooms for men and women.

On the deck there are seats in order for the passengers to enjoy the trip conformably while admiring the beauty of the landscape. In this level there are two restrooms available for passengers. Regarding the load deck, it has four parking lanes for vehicles. Carriers or drivers place their automobiles, trucks, wheeled vehicles or motorcycles guided by the ship’s boatswain or crew. For the safety of vehicles each one has a fastening system in order to maintain them fixed and secured to the ship’s floor. Thus, an appropriate condition of the fastening system in trucks and vehicles is required. In terms of luggage, the boat has closed containers where it can be stored.

It is important to mention that pets regardless of their size, condition or race, will always be categorized as load and cannot remain in areas destined for passengers. Therefore, they must stay in kennels or other safe areas. The ship has kennels available for this purpose.

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Velocidad Crucero: 12 nudos Eslora Máxima/L.O.A: 80,3 metros
Manga (ancho): 12,1 metros Metros Lineales: 220 metros 55 vehículos
Capacidad Pasajeros: 235 Capacidad de Carga: 480 tons.
Literas: NO Comedor:
Cafetería: Enfermería:
TV Satelital: Telefonía Satelital:
Baño Discapacitados: NO Silla Acceso Discapacitados y Tercera Edad: